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Have you ever wondered
how you can remove trauma
from your nervous system?

Never before in human history have we been exposed to so much trauma.

Trauma is accumulating in our nervous system in unprecedented amounts and threatens our health and resilience.

This can leave us feeling overwhelmed and confused. Nor is it just about ourselves; we see the people we care about suffering too.

Whilst there are many books we can read about trauma, precious few give us any guidelines about what we can actually do to help ourselves and the people we care about.

Gerry Pyves 1

For thirty-eight years I have been working as a therapist with just this frustration. 

Gradually, over time, it became clear to me how central the body is to removing trauma. I was in a unique position to witness the remarkable impact of touch on trauma.

I have spent my whole life working as a psychotherapist and as a massage therapist. By keeping these two disciplines completely separate, I was able to see the unique contribution that touch brought to healing trauma.

Not only that, but I realised that you do not even have to be a therapist to remove it. This led me to writing 'Touching Trauma, Building Resilience' to share the approach with you.

In “Touching Trauma, Building Resilience” I share my journey of discovery of how we can all use simple human touch to remove trauma. 

I believe this book will revolutionise the way we heal trauma. It does this by asking (and answering) the following questions:

  • What is the difference between trauma and everyday stress?

  • What and why is it so important? 

  • How do we see trauma in everyday behaviour?

  • How does touch influence the human nervous system?

  • Why has touch been missed by so many trauma experts?

  • What can I do to remove trauma?

This last question is answered in the training manual at the back of the book. 


After a lifetime spent teaching

massage therapists how to touch safely,

I wrote this book to show how you, too,

can remove trauma.

This book is one of only a handful in my reading existence that has made a profound difference to my life. After 20 years of family medicine I pridefully thought I had largely mastered how to interact with people but “Touching Trauma” has opened my eyes to a new paradigm. It made me realise deep down I already knew this but I wasn’t accessing it and it has also made me realise I didn’t know as much as I thought I did. It has changed the way I interact with my children and if every parent would read this book the generational benefit that would spring forth I'm convinced would be wondrous. It was a joy to read; Gerry's use of stories made me happy and at times angry. It made me cry and then laugh out loud. For some lucky few it will confirm to them that despite society trying to convince them otherwise, they have been on the right path all along. For the rest of us, it is a crucial nudge towards focusing on what is really important in life.

Dr. Mark Edmond 

Family Doctor and 

Olympic bobsledder


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from the long shadow of trauma.

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