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1. Trauma Discharge Massage

If you feel that you are carrying significant amounts of ambient trauma in your nervous system, then having a concentrated forty minutes of trauma-informed touch can make a real difference.

It is easy to end up blaming yourself for struggling with daily life when the simple truth is your nervous system is suffering from ambient trauma overload.

This psychological approach to touch silently and effortlessly removes the "invisible" ambient trauma that we are all carrying. Such trauma discharge is often recognised by increasing resilience, greater positivity and a feeling of lightness, amongst other things.

I work from my treatment room in Wānaka. 

Single session (1 hour): $150

I use three different treatment protocols in my clinic:


2. PsychoTactile Therapy

If you are experiencing repeated bouts of active trauma, then seeing a therapist who can work safely and gently with both words and touch is the most effective strategy.

My integration of touch and words is unique and may save you months and even years of “talking” therapy.

We target the specific part of your nervous system where the trauma has accumulated and facilitate its safe discharge.

I work from my treatment room in Wānaka and on Zoom:

Sessional rate (1 hour): $150


3. Group/Individual Therapy

There is a great deal of research to indicate that being in a group is one of the most effective ways to make change. All of the unique techniques of my psychotactile approach are utilised in this group setting. In addition, being in a group is intrinsically healing.

Over the years, I have found that the combination of both group and individual therapy works best for most people. For this reason I structure my groups in the following way for the monthly fee of $275:

          Monthly group session (9.30am - 4.30pm)

          Monthly 1:1 session (1 hour by appointment)

One reason this works is because you immerse yourself in therapeutic environment for eight hours a month, which includes an individual session with me. This immersion creates a momentum and a focus that is extremely powerful.

Group Therapy.JPG

Unsure about what treatment is best for you?

Working with trauma means you need to feel safe.

Therefore, I offer a free 25 minute zoom session to discuss your options. 

This initial consultation gives you a chance to decide whether or not you feel comfortable working with me and gives me a chance to assess which treatment pathway is best for you.


Want to understand more about trauma?

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For too long we have separated the worlds of talking therapy and touch therapy.