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“This book is brilliant.
It held my interest the whole way through...”

 — Michael Hempseed,
Author of "Being a True Hero"

“An authoritative perspective on the topic of trauma and the role of touch.”

- Hay House

“... this book will help many people who are suffering from the wounds of trauma.” 

Michael Hempseed


This is a book like no other in the field of trauma.

It explains how modern day humanity is living in a “traumasphere” and how we can easily recognise the signs of this in our everyday behaviour.

I believe that the growing level of Ambient Trauma is the main threat to our health and resilience. I explain how most of our physical and mental health problems are caused by the long shadow cast by such residual trauma.

Despite all the neuroscience that has emerged, we still know very little about what we can do to actually remove trauma. The reason for this failure is simple, we have forgotten how to “talk” to the nervous system in a language it understands. This explains why removing trauma from the human nervous system has baffled doctors, healers and therapists for more than two hundred years.

Touch is a language that the human nervous system can understand.

By working separately as both a psychotherapist and a massage therapist for 38 years, I have witnessed how the simple and ancient art of human touch can remove trauma for good.

It turns out that the answer to healing trauma is not only as old as the hills, but is something that we can all learn to do. Just as a copper conductor will conducts lightening safely into the ground, so touch provides a physical and kinetic pathway for trauma to leave the body.

This is how we can speak to the nervous system in a language it can understand. That is why it works when words do not.


It has taken me a lifetime to integrate the scientific research with my own clinical experiences.

This book includes:

  • What being human really means and how our understanding of that changes the way we think of trauma.

  • What connects the two healing disciplines of Psychotherapy and Bodywork.

  • How touch literally talks to the nervous system.

  • How learning the simple techniques of Primal Touch can remove trauma and build your resilience.

The final chapters of the book consist of a training manual (and access to ten free training videos) showing you how to do this safely. This alone makes this book worth its weight in gold.

“Touching Trauma is not the same old information rehashed, it offers new insights into the world of healing trauma that many people will find immensely valuable” 

— Michael Hempseed

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