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Buy the book, audiobook and ebook all together for only $83.50 - a saving of $53.50!


This is for you if you like to hold an actual printed book to read and refer to at home; like to listen to audiobooks on the move and like to use an ereader to keep up with your reading on holiday.


The 'prosody' of the human voice is incredibly soothing, and many people have said how much they value hearing Gerry read his own book.


Already bought one or two versions of the book? No problem, just pop us an email and we'll send you a personalised discount code for the other item(s).

Book, audiobook and ebook

  • To see the price in your own currency, please use the currency converter at the top right of the page. Simply scroll down to select your currency, and the shopping cart will show the price in your currency.
    Please note that our payment provider will process the payment in NZ$. The actual price you pay depends on your bank charges, however this should at least give you an idea. 

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