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Updated: May 24, 2023

This video is amazing. Not only does it explain exactly what has been going on in the world and why, but it also reminds us of our own power to create a healthier world, that works for everyone instead of just hte 0.1 percent at the top... Truly inspirational, so please watch and share with as many people as possible. See the links below for subtitled versions in different languages:

The storm has broken all over the world. Millions of people around the world are discovering the truth, as the film "SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS" is going around the world in seven languages.

A network of retired police officers and detectives fighting child trafficking in Europe have stated that they have received the film in five languages, thanks to their international connections. They said, "This movie is doing a worldwide marathon!" The founder of Doctors for Freedom in Europe sent a message offering his help. It is being shared among networks of business leaders, and politicians in the Netherlands have promised to see it. And so on.

We must have the mentality of a warrior. Don't hit the dragon once. Don't hit him twice. Keep hitting the deceit monster, until he falls apart.

Here's how to do it: go to influencer accounts and post the link to the movie as a comment. So you can reach thousands of people in a few minutes. Post it as a comment under the posts of presidents, ministers, celebrities, media personalities, etc.

What if this film was really the spark that ignites a fire of conscience among high-level people, who then become instrumental in preventing the UN from becoming a world government?

That is what the truth can do, and it will happen!

Let's keep spreading it, in Telegram groups, Facebook groups, on Truth Social, Gab, Getter, anywhere you can post content. Let's send it to local security forces, school principals, hospital directors, local newspapers, etc.

May we all be part of the greatest transformation of all time.

If you haven't seen "SECRETS OF THE UNITED NATIONS" yet, be sure to check it out. Please use the links below.








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1 Comment

Great video (about UN) !! I've seen it before but it delights me that you are posting it on your website, Gerry. I'm a regular listener on RCR, bless you,

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